100 x 17 Blade Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge with Adjustable Nut and 0.02 – 1.00mm Measuring Range


  • Products Model: EPC_INS_312
  • EAN: 4895192455945
  • Brand: Chglmposs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Quantity: 17 pcs
  • Specification: Metric
  • DIY Supplies: Industry
  • Features:
    – There is no burr on the edge of the ruler: the green edge of the feeler is free of burr, and it can’t hurt hands when touching
    – Heat treatment: high hardness, good elasticity, wear resistance and long life
    -Anti rust treatment of metal surface: the surface of each feeler gauge is coated with antirust oil, and the feeler gauge is free from rust and unfolds smoothly without jamming
  • Blade Sizes: 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08, 0.09, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00mm.
  • Overall 106mm Long
  • Place of Application: Industrial Measurement
  • Note:
    – Wipe the measuring surface of the feeler gauge with a clean cloth, and do not measure when the feeler gauge is dirty or metal septum, otherwise the accuracy of the measurement result will be affected.
    – Insert the feeler gauge into the measured space, pull the feeler gauge back and forth, and feel resistance, indicating that the source value of the room is close to the value marked on the feeler gauge. If the resistance is too large or too small, it means that the clearance value is less than or greater than.
    – Marked on the feeler gauge. When measuring and adjusting the clearance, first select the feeler gauge that meets the clearance requirements and insert it into the measured gap, and then adjust and pull the feeler gauge at the same time, When you feel a little resistance, tighten the lock nut, and the value marked by the feeler gauge is the clearance value.
  • Product Weight : 45 G / 1.59 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions (L*W*H) : 107*13*8 MM / 4.21*0.51*0.31 Inches
  • Package Weight : 44.0 G / 1.55 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions (L*W*H) : 110*20*10 MM / 4.33*0.79*0.39 Inches
  • Retail Packaging: Yes, General Box

Package Include:

  • 1 x Feeler Gauge